Exposición colectiva: The Line in Between


Gallery Nosco is pleased to present The Line In Between, a two woman show of Mexican artist, Paula Cortazar and American artist, Lauren Seiden.

Both these artists use marble and “drawing” as their tools of expression. Drawing is the tool that allows Cortazar to show and interpret the hidden graphic code of elements such as a tree or a river. This lines repetition is the proof that every element that surrounds us forms part of a whole. In this way, drawing works as a personal translation of a much more complex language. The relationship between opposite, like paper or stone, is revealed through drawing, suggesting the notion that materially we all belong to one origin and we all carry the same energy.


Always pushing the boundaries of drawings, Seiden’s new body of work is about the object-hood of history, women’s work, and the invisible actions of labor left on these materials. The soft nature of the cloth has been hardened and drawn on with pencil juxtaposing the cold, hard frame of the marble.

Seiden is activating the concepts of tradition, privilege, purpose, and status. Once the materiality of the objects themselves is considered, the work is transformed: the material is not only disposable, but literally made to be used/worn; and poses questions about who is allowed to wear/use/touch them – in what context, and according to what physical criteria — taking on historical, embodied meanings.

The compilation of work evokes physicality within the context of our society, leaving imprints of our individual fingerprints on the marble , thus creating a visual “imprint” and understanding of the body’s place in specific societal histories.




The Line in Between
15th June – 27th July, 2019

Gallery Nosco
Marseille, France